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Are Titanium Rings Better than Other Metals?

As a matter of fact, titanium was named first as menachite which was first discovered 200 years ago. Several years later, scientist H Klaproth then named it as what we call it today following Titans, the ancient mythical Greek beings. It wasn’t until recent years that it’s been put into used as jewelry. The color of titanium may be described as silver and it’s almost 3x stronger compared to steel yet, it is half its weight.

This stone is creating neutral effect onto the human body which made this material quickly grow to popularity in jewelry creation. Meaning to say, this will not cause discoloration to skin or inflammation.

The reason why it is consistently growing in popularity is that, this material is quite tough. It won’t go through tear and wear that is normally seen in other metals like copper, silver, gold and platinum. The lifespan of titanium for this reason is a lot longer than other types of jewelry in the market. Believe it or not, because this material is widely known for its durability, lightweight and toughness, this metal has being used as well for manufacturing furniture and other accessories too like watches.

Silver with a combination of charcoal grey is how the color of a pure titanium can be defined. On the other hand, there are also anodized versions for this metal giving it other colors but it isn’t as resistant to scratch and fades over time. Make your titanium ring more luxurious and elegant by bathing it with precious stones. Some popular models actually have gold band. As a matter of fact, there’s a misconception that titanium rings are accessories only popular amongst men. But the truth is, many women across the globe do love these rings as well.

Titanium rings aren’t indestructible but you can be sure that you can use them for quite a long period of time. They will accumulate scratches from time to time. Changing the size of ring up or down is feasible as well. For this reason, some people have opted to look for services that are customizing rings.

There are different options these days where you can purchase rings online. As you opt for this method, it gives you the chance to buy titanium rings and virtually any other kind of ring both for men and women at a price that won’t cause a dent on your wallet. You are more likely to make extra savings which you could use for other things as well. This is something that you can’t easily get when buying from conventional jewelry stores.

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