How To Choose A Good Car Window Film Standards

Glass car is very useful to protect the driver and passengers from danger. Car glass is also used to reduce the intensity of light entering the car. So that the reflection of light to the car is not too glare, passengers in the car also feel comfortable because it is not exposed to direct sunlight. For more details you can visit Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

To get all these benefits, car owners should be selective when choosing a car window film. Percentage of car glass thickness also needs to be considered. So, what does a good car window look like the percentage standard of darkness?

How To Select Window Film Movies

The thicker the car glass, the more secure it is. However, this does not apply to windshields. The cause is because the windshield is too thick will make the driver difficult to see the condition of the street. This will increase the incidence of traffic accidents. You can seek advice to Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

  1. Select Car Glass Thickness 20% Or 40%?

For safety or security, you should choose a windshield with a thickness of 20% only. If you think the glass is still too thin, choose a thickness of 40% to 60%. Never choose a film window that is more than 60% yes.

The glass that is 40% thick has advantages during the day. Because the intensity and reflection of light coming into the car will be less. So as not to dazzle your eyes, you are also more comfortable driving. However, glass that is 40% thick becomes a consideration at night. Because the street conditions tend to be dark makes the driver difficult to see the condition of the highway. Fortunately if along the road on the street lights, so the road conditions look brighter. The driver can also drive safely and comfortably.

Well, for glass that only 20% thickness tends to be thinner. You are also easier to see the street conditions. For those of you who like to travel far, either out of town or off to work, it is recommended to wear 20% thick glass only. Especially if the road conditions are fairly smooth, minimal holes, and rocky roads.

  1. Quality Of The Own Car Glass

There are many types of car windshields available in the automotive market. Many are good quality, many are of mediocre quality. For that, be careful when choosing a brand from the car windshield.

Some of the best car window film brands in Indonesia, among others:

  • V-Kool film glass
  • 3M car glass
  • Solar Gard
  • Spectrum
  1. The Ability to reject Heat Glass

The thicker the glass of the car, the higher its ability to resist heat. For that, choose a glass with a thickness which suits your needs. What is the thickness of 20% or 40%?

  1. Adjust the Budget Owned

“There is a price, there is quality”, that’s what to consider when buying something. Similarly, when buying a car windshield, you should also consider the quality of the glass. At first glance, the quality is almost the same. However, the difference in quality will actually be visible when weather conditions are not favorable. For example, lightning, cloudy, and rain.

Good quality car glass will not be easily affected by outdoor conditions. So you are also more secure when driving the car. However, the price of car glass like this is quite expensive. For that, adjust to the budget owned. If the budget is not sufficient, buy a standard quality car windshield used by the car in general, not cheap.