Congress Votes to Erase Auto Loan Anti-Discrimination Rule

Under the authority granted by the Congressional Review Act, the House of Representatives passed a measure on May 8 to roll back an Obama-era rule on auto lending practices issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). It should be noted that the rollback pertains to a set of administrative guidelines issued by the CFPB, not a law ratified by Congress.

The House vote was 234-175, reversing a 2013 rule established by the CFPB to stop auto lenders from charging higher fees to borrowers based on their religion, sex, race, or age. The vote follows a Senate vote in April to also repeal this measure. It will now go to President Donald Trump’s desk for his approval.

This rule was originally intended to limit discriminatory practices in the auto loan business and clarify that lenders offering loans via dealerships are responsible for any discriminatory and unlawful pricing, according to NPRRead the rest

How To Choose A Good Car Window Film Standards

Glass car is very useful to protect the driver and passengers from danger. Car glass is also used to reduce the intensity of light entering the car. So that the reflection of light to the car is not too glare, passengers in the car also feel comfortable because it is not exposed to direct sunlight. For more details you can visit Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

To get all these benefits, car owners should be selective when choosing a car window film. Percentage of car glass thickness also needs to be considered. So, what does a good car window look like the percentage standard of darkness?

How To Select Window Film Movies

The thicker the car glass, the more secure it is. However, this does not apply to windshields. The cause is because the windshield is too thick will make the driver difficult to see the condition … Read the rest