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Traffic Masters: Getting the Maximum Benefits of Mobile Traffic Through Mobile Formats

When it comes to e-commerce, mobile user experience is crucial to gain higher website visitors, conversions, leads, and sales. The majority of today’s consumers are mobile users with their smartphones, tablets, and iPads used as devices to avail different products and services online, that is why you need to have an optimized website for mobile devices. Let’s learn the importance of having a mobile-optimized website, including how conventional banner ads work and the most common problems involved. Those websites that are not yet optimized for mobile viewing will have issues with customer experience because visitors are unable to ss banners on their mobile devices.

Many websites that are mobile optimized have overlapping banners with web contents leading to accidental clicks. When it comes to conversion, it is best to have intended click-throughs than accidental clicks, by investing into appealing, attractive, and visible banners. Having ad banners fixed on desktop view, the banners may be too small, making call-to-action buttons and images hardly visible, a lot of accidental clicks, and some ads use Flash which is not supported by mobile devices. Traditional banners are simple and easy to make but are not that effective in the mobile world. If you like higher conversion rate, it is best to consider interstitial ads which are full-screen format used for websites and mobile application. These ad formats offer vivid display, clear call-to-action, and engaging images that catch the attention of your target audience for higher conversion rate. When it comes to the push-up format of dialog ad format, it has a simple and safe design, optimized for all sizes of screen, and work properly even for websites that are not adapted for mobile devices.

By having a mobile format, you can increase your customer base up to global clients, easily integrate ad tags without having to change your website’s structure, and can even work even if your website has no mobile version. Ads are really a nuisance o mobile users, and you eliminate irritating ads with dialog and interstitial ads. When it comes to mobile interstitial format, it works best for movies, viral contents, news, portals, games, and apps. Increase your web traffic with dialog format for your download website, software directory, music, or video streaming.

You can also buy mobile traffic to help you increase your overall website traffic, learn more by checking us on our homepage or website now! Buy cheap website traffic with a guaranteed result and earn more on your e-commerce busness. Whatever is your website all about, Traffic Masters can help you with your mobile presence as well as on your social media presence.

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