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Healing Prowess of Singing Bowls

The use of singing bowls actually helps in your healing, meditation and relaxation purposes. The functions of singing bowls can be compared to a bell wherein melodious sound is produced when it is played. Singing bowls actually originates is Tibet but some countries such as Nepal, Bhutan and India have already played it.

The traditional singing bowls are believed to be made of seven different metals mixed together but in today’s generation, these singing bowls are now made up of three or five metals only. The tone that the bowl produces actually gives your body and soul harmony and at the same time, it also relaxes your body deeply. The sound waves that you will feel from the bowl once you place it on our body actually helps in relaxation and your cells are massaged well.You don’t even have to wait that long just to have a taste of the complete relaxation. ellular massage can also help in providing healing results if you are or if you have a damaged body. Relaxation happens once you continue playing with the bowl.

You can play a singing bowl with two choices. Your first option will be striking it with the use of a mallet. The second option is to have your bowl rubbed with a wooden stick thus, producing a continuous singing tone. One way to prove that you have a good type of singing bowl is when you move your mallet around the outside of your bowl and then it produces various sounds. If you want to try the cellular sound massage, you must first lay flat on your back. If you are already comfortable with your current posture, you can now place the singing bowl on your chest. Vibrations is often the main cause of slipping the bowl that is why if you have a nonslip mat, that is your very beautiful choice. Once you have readied yourself and you are already comfortable, you may now begin striking your bowl with the use of a mallet.

Although the sound of the bowl is continuous for quite some time, it is necessary that you also repeat striking the bowl. It is not necessary to place it on your chest. If you are flexible, you may want to place it on your back but you will have difficulty striking the bowl. But if you really want to have the singing bowl placed on your back, make sure that you have a striker. You will definitely relax and can even do a personal meditation if you also join ultra classes or meditation.

Singing bowls are in fact useful to anyone.

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