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How to Get the Best Hairpin Legs

The importance of tables in our daily lives is one that cannot be underestimated. Reading tables and coffee tables are among the tables we use at our homes. Schools and industries will see the use of tables in reading tables as well as workbenches. The variations that come in table making differ from their tops to the legs. Table legs are one thing that may make a table good looking. Table legs may be made of wood, metal or plastic. Apart from being strong, metal legs are easy to make in different designs. Hairpin legs are one of the most common metal legs.

The name hairpin legs is due to the making of these legs in the shape of a hairpin. Due to their unique design, these legs have become very popular among table users both at homes and other places. There are some differences among the hairpin legs. It has increasingly become very important for any table user to have the most well-designed table legs. To ensure that you purchase the best hairpin legs, here is a guide for you.

The first thing one is supposed to consider when getting hairpin legs is the material they are made from. How well a material can resist rusting is an indication of a good hairpin leg. This quality to resist rusting can be witnessed in stainless steel. The material from which a hairpin leg is made from can also determine how strong the leg is. Hairpin legs made from steel with little carbon are naturally stronger and shinier. Weak and dull hairpin legs are from steel with a lot of carbon in them.

The second thing to consider on the hairpin legs is the finishing done on them. Finishing on the legs may include the use of rubber cups at the base of the legs to reduce irritating sound when a table is dragged. Finishing can also be done to improve the beauty of the legs. The best finishing should add to the aesthetics of the legs and rhyme with the room d?cor.

Next, consider the ease of mounting the hairpin legs. To know this, you need to look at the design in which the legs have been made of. A good hairpin leg should have fastening openings that allow union of the legs with the top of the tables. One needs to see that these are in place as you may at times be needed to dismount and mount back the hairpin legs to the table.

After all the above, also take into account the design of the hairpin legs. Hairpin legs are of two types, those with two stands and those with three stands. Coffee tables and other light-use tables are ideally good for hairpin legs with two stands. For heavier tasks, however, you may need the hairpin legs with three stands.

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